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Valley OMS is a full-scope oral surgery practice committed to restoring smiles, eliminating pain, and helping our patients enjoy robust oral health. This means helping our patients identify and treat anomalies they notice inside their mouths. We are pleased to offer oral pathology services to our patients and invite you to contact us with any questions.

What is Oral Pathology?

We provide diagnostic treatment for patients who come in because they notice an unidentifiable lump or irritation inside their mouth. Oftentimes, patients are referred to us by their regular dentist. Other times, we may notice something unusual along a patient’s gums or on the inside of their cheeks during a routine consultation.

When faced with an unidentified growth inside the mouth, our providers will identify the growth through a combination of physical examination, dental imaging technology, and biopsies. Most of the time, these growths are benign cysts or lesions, which we can typically treat definitively here in our office.

In some situations, oral pathology reveals the development of a cancerous tumor or other malignant growth. These cases are referred out to cancer specialists, who can provide comprehensive treatment.

When Should I See an Oral Surgeon?

Sometimes, patients are unsure whether they are witnessing something truly unusual in their mouth or something more common, like an inflamed cold or canker sore.

Generally speaking, we would recommend seeking a dental professional under any of the following situations:

  • You have an unusual sore or lump in your mouth, especially if they persist after several days.
  • You have white or red patches on your tongue or on the inside of your cheeks.
  • You develop chronic hoarseness or soreness of your throat.

Early intervention is one of the most important steps in treating oral cancers, so a good rule of thumb is that if you are in doubt, it never hurts to check with your dentist or oral surgeon.

Why Choose Valley OMS?

Since 1983, Valley OMS has been one of the most trusted oral surgery practices in the State of Texas. We enjoy a loyal reputation among other dentists, thanks to our commitment to clinical precision and our development of innovative, minimally invasive techniques. Also, we have a strong standing with patients who are drawn to our friendly, compassionate approach and our sense of enthusiasm.

We are pleased to provide a full spectrum of oral health solutions, ranging from dental implants to wisdom teeth removal.

Seek Oral Pathology from Valley OMS

We are here to address any questions you have about oral pathology or about questionable lesions in your mouth. To schedule a consultation with one of our experienced oral surgeons, reach out to the offices of Valley OMS at your next opportunity.

To schedule a consultation with one of our experienced oral surgeons, reach out to the offices of Valley OMS at your next opportunity.

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